Slot machine Poke the guy

Having released the Poke the Guy slot machine, Microgaming has done an excellent job with the task of surprising users. Unlike the main range of the company, Poke the Guy is not a slot, but an arcade. The percentage of return of the game – 96%. This arcade type machine is a great alternative to monotonous drum-linear models.

Description of the gaming machine Poke the Guy
The main game character of the machine is the evil Guy. According to the manufacturer, it is a robber who terrorizes the population of the city. He moves around the screen of the machine in the background of the cityscape and provokes the player to shoot. In the machine Poke the Guy there are no drums and lines, so the image of the villain appears in a spontaneous manner. You need to get to Guy to rid the city of evil. Each hit brings winning points and profits.

Slot functionality
The simplicity of the functional defined the plainness of the interface. The coins shown to the left open a window with a bet scale. By moving the pointer over it, the client agrees to a certain denomination. The total bet in the machine is indicated with the help of the triangular arrows below, directed in different directions from the slingshot. Clicking on them, the user changes the gun shot. Gradually change each other duck, wood, fish, knife and other tools. You can make changes in the direction of the sight by clicking on the paired pointers on the panel. They change color, and the shot changes the trajectory.

In a standard gaming machine, the gain is determined by the established combination and the cost and properties of the symbols included in it. In Poke the Guy there are no symbols, especially special ones. The amount won depends on what rate the client indicated and how far the target hit was. The most expensive hit will increase the amount delivered 500 times.

The bonus features of the slot machine does not provide. The game is constantly in one mode. But there is no monotony. The rapid movement of the main character on the screen causes excitement and stimulates the next shot. By selecting a weapon, the player regulates the possible winnings.

If someone is tired of the traditionally arranged devices, this entertaining mini-arcade will be a bright consolation and will brighten up leisure with its immediacy and non-stop.

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